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My name is Supriya Kini and my vision is to be a part of creating and living in a world where each one of us lives our authentic Life by being awake to the truth of who we are.
We are love. We are joy. We are power and we are completely free to express and create from the natural expression of who we are within.

My journey can be described by the answers to two questions I have asked all my life.
“Who Am I?” and “What is my purpose?”
Among the many roles I play as a wife, a mother, a designer, a gardener, an entrepreneur, and a consciousness explorer, I have invested over two decades exploring and embodying Life truths.
It is an ever-evolving process which has led me to many different paths, people, and places.
I have done much work and volunteered with many Spiritual organizations and am a believer of the wisdom found in ancient yogic practices like meditation, pranayama and Yoga.
From exploring eastern energy practices to avidly practicing western New Age philosophies, I feel blessed to continually experience pieces of my truth in everything around me.
My deeply personal journey started a good 20 years ago when it was sparked by a couple of mystical experiences which had me question the truth of who I am in this human body and the world I see.
My curiosity left me no choice but to follow every breadcrumb that deepened my knowledge and work in all that resonated to my heart.
From emotional intelligence, mindfulness, conscious parenting, spontaneous awakening, finding one’s purpose, the sacred feminine to concepts of metaphysics such as OBEs and NDEs. I now see how each breadcrumb topic is so beautifully woven into the tapestry of our paradoxical life and helps connect us to the essence of the Spirit that we all are.

Today, my journey is organically leading me in depth to discovering the sacred feminine within myself and all my women friends. I am currently in the process of completing my Feminine Power Mastery and Coaching certification and as I learn and share through my transformative journey, I am adapting all I have experienced to create and offer courses in mentoring all, who like me desire to find their own truth, as a woman in today’s world.
I hold book clubs and workshops where I find that by forging what I call soul alliances with other women we not only unconditionally support each other in our exploration but how each interaction catalyzes us all as we rise and be a part of this evolutionary change.
I believe with every fiber of my being that we women have the power to not only transform our own lives but the whole world.

Women become stronger when we are in conversation with each other.

Living a deeply connected and meaningful life from a space of love and trust draws the same feelings towards us.
It is possible for us in this lifetime to be all who we are and want to be, without sacrificing a part of ourselves. We can be an awakened whole in which we are a healthy person, a conscious caring parent, a connected and loving partner, a deeply understanding and supportive friend while living our most creative and purposeful life.

And when we do, all our lives become our purpose and a message that enables us to show up as a true leader, fully alive and radiant, inspiring all whose lives we touch.
We each have a blessing to give, and as women, a deeply instinctive, creative force that emits power beyond measure.

Currently I call Austin, Texas my home and when I’m not working, I love singing, travelling, cooking, gardening, hiking, connecting with people and exploring the beautiful city I live in with my loved ones.

The sacred journeys and gatherings are facilitated with the intention that the process of our self-discovery truly becomes a transformational one rather than just an informational one.
The mission of all the programs offered here are to create a welcoming and safe space for a conscious sisterhood that can be collaborative and supportive of all the gifts that each one brings forth.

A space that invites you to delve deep in your soul for answers and to enter enriching conversations with like-hearted women.
A space where we can guide ourselves to the heart of our sacred, creative nature, and manifest it with consciousness, and to support ourselves in delivering to the world the gifts we were meant to give.
It is my blessing to facilitate this space as we rewrite our story, reclaim our wholeness, and embrace love and joy as part of our life and step into the mystery of our unfolding inquiry and new beginnings.
If this resonates with you, do connect with us. I would love for you to be a part of our global sisterhood circle.

Life Mentor
Daughter, Wife, Mother


This is what the world needs to know. Every woman. Every man. How did we miss this?
Oh, thank you for the work that you do!

- T.S. A woman who now knows her true essence and can't wait to live it.

I love this program. It feels like we all are a part of Wise Women council. Truly a space where we can see ourselves and others in our most radiant and highest potential. I always walk away feeling my most empowered self. Thank you!

- Brittany,
Texas, USA

I want to take a moment to thank you for not only being a wonderful and incredibly inspiring person, but for selflessly giving of yourself to teach others to discover and rise to their greatness within.
You took the time to call and guide me to drop my consciousness down from my head to my heart so that I might live as my higher self and tap into my purpose, and I was not expecting how quickly change would take place!
I have accomplished in six weeks what would surely have taken years without your exceptional advice and purely gifted guidance.

Supriya, from the depths of my soul you have my sincerest gratitude!

- Kearsten,
Angelic Reiki Master, Lightworker, Entrepreneur.

Your course, guidance, and love have changed the trajectory of my Life. Words will fall short for the gratitude I hold for our connection. Thank you and I love you.

- Sam,
A wife, a mother, a designer and now thanks to you, a visionary!

Thank you for helping me find my true self, dear sister. I am so excited about what is here and what is yet to unfold.

- Preeti

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