Do you feel like you are living a life that is stuck in survival mode?
What emotions are running your life every day?
What rocks your boat? Relationships, health, parenting, career, your Self, The World?
Do you work on being outwardly calm while feeling inwardly chaotic or lost?
Do you face inner conflict in setting boundaries or saying "No"?
Do you experience the fatigue of the “Superwoman syndrome”?
Is there a void, or lack of confidence you repeatedly find yourself feeling?
Do you feel a deep inner yearning for something much bigger that seems nebulous and ungraspable?

In short, do you feel the struggle of living your best life?

If you have felt the yearnings to any of the questions asked above, I am excited to invite you to this program!
I ask because these are the very same questions that lead me down a pathway that I now desire to share with all who stand at the same crossroad as I did.
We all crave balance and joy in every aspect of our lives. From motherhood, relationships, career to our inner growth, we desire to access new and fulfilling ways to live and work with authenticity, clarity, and purpose.
In a world that defines passion, fulfilment, success through masculine energy, it is no wonder we all are feeling empty or burnt out.
Finding true balance in our busy modern world is all about making room to honor the intelligence of the feminine within. This is the very source from which our innate joy, love and intuition springs.

This workshop is an introduction to the processes of understanding and harnessing this energy through our body. Like all skills in Life, it takes training and practice to understand and embody the forgotten feminine component in us. As we come into balance within, we experience authentic joy, power and purpose not only within us, but in the world around us.

The only question that remains is, are you ready to embrace the true essence of you?
Are you ready to live your most creative and empowered Life?


The feminine wisdom speaks clearly and strongly through the wisdom of our body.
This experiential workshop is about connecting and recognizing the amazing potential of the female body: the potential to create, to heal, and to transform the energy of a woman’s everyday life.
Journey deep into the heart of your body by finding your Somatic connection to the truth through your body awareness.


The masculine and feminine energies inherent within.


Mind, Body and Soul connection -The trinity of your Women’s holistic Life.
Discovering the truth of who we truly are.


From the head to your heart


Through awareness and meditation, learn how to access your point of balance and power
and tap into the wisdom of the Universe.


You will.....
• Deepen your connection to your unique feminine Self.
• Reclaim the power of the Shakti energy by clearing old conditioned patterns.
• Harness power by aligning to your body’s innate wisdom.
• Express unabashedly from the space of your heart and soul.
• Access your inner wise woman and live your Life’s purpose.
• Experience the World in a new, rejuvenating and awakened way


These are additional takeaways to help you on your journey as you continue to practice
1. A Centering Meditation
2. A Daily Ritual Practice Guide
3. A 6 Steps Intuition Practice
4. List of Reading Resources
5. Two Live Group Zoom Calls in Oct and Nov


My name is Supriya Kini and my vision is to be a part of creating and living in a world where each one of us lives our authentic Life by being awake to the truth of who we are.
We are love. We are joy. We are power and we are completely free to express and create from the natural expression of who we are.
Read more about me here.

Life Mentor
Daughter, Wife, Mother


A Full Day Workshop: 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

These full day leading edge experiential workshops are for all who are deeply resonate and are ready to embrace this change.
All that is required is your open heart, courage and commitment to yourself.
Please come in comfortable clothes and bring with you - a notebook, pen, yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow.

Limited seats available.
A simple vegetarian lunch will be provided.
Tea and cookies during tea break.

Sept 16th – GURGAON
The Club House
DLF ICON, Horizon Drive, Phase 5, Sector 43, Off Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, 122002

Sept 23th – NEW DELHI
The Spiritual Hub K-14, South Ex. Part1 New Delhi - 110049, India

Sept 30th – BENGALURU
Studio for Movement, Arts and Therapies: Smart Move
Tank Rd, Sindhi Colony, Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

Rs 3000.00

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CALL us at 91-7032702307, 91-9999915771 (Gurgaon)
EMAIL us at for questions.

Join us in exploring the terrain of what it truly means to be a woman and discover the empowered and enlightened one within!